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Acqua Blu Medical Spa Provides Powerful Light-Based Cosmetic Therapies | eBeautyPlanet.es Spain

Acqua Blu Medical Spa Provides Powerful Light-Based Cosmetic Therapies

Pittsburgh, PA — Acqua Blu Medical Spa is a medical center that provides a comprehensive range of cosmetic therapies, like thermiva treatments in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Their expert plastic surgeons utilize the latest medical technology to achieve astounding results through non-surgical and non-invasive methods. Many of their therapies incorporate the use of intense pulsed light (IPL): a technology that can address a wide range of aesthetic deficiencies and skin diseases like acne.

Although IPL technology was initially developed to treat vascular conditions, like spider veins and rosacea, further developments have made it one of aesthetic medicine’s most versatile and omnipresent tools. It is recognized as the best treatment for skin rejuvenation and sun damage because it can treat a multitude of skin issues simultaneously. With the IPL treatments that Acqua Blu Medical Spa provides, like ClearScan(™) Vascular & Redness or eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation, patients can address problems like brown spots, redness, acne, and wrinkling while stimulating collagen production. This technology even works as an effective permanent hair reduction solution.

In IPL therapy, a skilled medical professional uses a hand-held, high-powered tool to deliver intense flashes of light that target specific cells in the skin called chromophores. The light destroys these cells, which become reabsorbed by the body. The heat that the device generates destroys flawed collagen structures, prompting the body to produce new, healthier collagen while increasing blood flow. The tool can also be adjusted to target other structures, like the bacteria and glands that contribute to acne breakouts.

Patients looking for effective and safe skin treatment or a vaginal rejuvenation treatment center in the Pittsburgh area are encouraged to call Acqua Blu Medical Spa at 724-933-1800 to schedule an appointment. To learn more about the other non-invasive cosmetic therapies they offer, visit their website at http://www.acquablumedicalspa.com/ today.

About Acqua Blu Medical Spa
When a patient steps into Acqua Blu Medical Spa, they have come to an unique, non-surgical facility that is built around a wide-variety of medical treatments for the health and restoration of the skin. These treatments promote a concept of unequaled and sustainable beauty that deliver results each and every time. All treatment plans are customized to the patient and presented based on their varying circumstances. Acqua Blu Medical Spa’s owner and operator, Dr. Brian V. Heil is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are always dedicated in providing patients with the right guidance and advice.

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