Plastic Surgery Predictions

Breasts, Botox & Eyes

In a recent press release, ASAPS-member plastic surgeons from across the country have made several predictions for what they think will make big waves in 2018:

Laser-Assisted Breast Reduction & Lift

Grant Stevens, M.D., believes that an outpatient breast reduction and lift procedure he pioneered, called Laser Bra, will be trending, given that small breasts are in.

Dr. IshiiThe Laser Bra differs from a traditional breast lift, in which a portion of excess skin is removed and discarded from each breast. Using the Laser Bra technique, Dr. Stevens keeps this skin, treating it with a CO2 laser and placing it inside the breast to provide additional support from the breast to the chest wall. The resulting “internal bra” lifts the breasts and creates cleavage. There are no drains or external sutures that need to be removed after the Laser Bra procedure, according to a 2010 press release from Dr. Stevens’ Marina Del Rey, Calif., practice.

ASAPS President Clyde H. Ishii, M.D., a Honolulu-based plastic surgeon, tells The Aesthetic Channel that many women seeking breast augmentation want a more natural look — specifically, to avoid the obvious augmented breast look. And many large-breasted women are seeking breast reductions at earlier ages — not waiting until their 50s and 60s to do it.

“The popularity of an active lifestyle probably contributes to this trend,” Dr. Ishii says.

Botox Dethroned?

Troy, Mich., plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, M.D., says 2018 might be the year Botox (Allergan) is dethroned by a better-than-Botox product.

“I predict there will a product better than Botox released in the next year. Although Botox is still the top cosmetic treatment in the world, there are similar products in the pipeline that will likely come out in 2018. Once they do, watch out — we may have a new king of the cosmetics on our hands!”

Prettier Private Parts

Labiaplasty procedures increased 23% in 2016 and demand among women was even higher in 2017, according to ASAPS. The stigma is fading and more women are looking to increase confidence and comfort for their private parts, according to New York City-based plastic surgeon Tracy Pfeifer, M.D., M.S.

Filler-Fueled Eye Rejuvenation

This year, doctors will increasingly use fillers to restore volume in the upper and lower eyelids, says Dr. Pfeifer.

“Noninvasive treatments are very popular and this includes treatments to the periorbital area,” Dr. Ishii says. “Soft tissue fillers can mask many signs of aging in this area, since volume loss is a part of the aging process. There is less margin for error in this area, so patients must seek treatment from qualified practitioners.”

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