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Cold-Subfascial breast augmentation | eBeautyPlanet.es Spain

Cold-Subfascial breast augmentation

A modified subfascial breast augmentation, referred to as Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation, avoids adverse beauty results from muscular animation, movement and form change attributable to arm motions and lateral displacement, or bottoming out attributable to pectoral activation, says Miami, Fla., based mostly plastic surgeon Rian A. Maercks, M.D., who owns the trademark on the process.

What’s completely different? Dr. Maercks tells The Aesthetic Channel that he doesn’t use electrocautery or blunt dissection.

“The pectoral fascia is a really skinny layer, and it’s robust if it’s stored intact. However when you use blunt dissection, you possibly can delaminate the construction. And when you use electrocautery, you vaporize a lot of it and trigger apoptosis, or programed tissue loss of life,” he says.

Dr. Maercks has modified subfascial breast augmentation, by utilizing solely chilly approach — a scalpel or sharp scissors.

“By instantly visualizing the dissection and doing a pointy dissection, I’m in a position to divide the muscular-fascial interface, preserving all of the fascia,” he says. “As a result of it’s preserved, I’ve structural assist to not solely assist the breast, to assist prevent bottoming out from lateral displacement, but in addition to form the breast.”

Dr. Maercks performs the process by accessing the interface of the pectoral fascia and pectoralis main muscle via the axilla. After cautious dissection of the fascia from the muscle, he locations the implant underneath the fascia, above the muscle.

Dr. Maercks says he makes use of the fascia to mildew the breast in a extra tear-drop form.

With the Cold-subfascial strategy, if Dr. Maercks makes use of a low-fill spherical implant, he will get an anatomic-shape simply as he would utilizing an anatomic implant.

“So, the fascia participates lots within the shaping and the aesthetic final result of the breast,” the plastic surgeon says.

Anybody who is an effective candidate for breast augmentation, can be a candidate for the Cold-subfascial strategy, based on Dr. Maercks.

“It’s a standard thought that you just can’t use the subfascial strategy with very skinny ladies, who’ve a low higher breast pinch check. However it works very nicely in these sufferers. The fascia helps form the implant into an anatomic form and likewise helps redistribute the breast tissue,” Dr. Maercks says.

Dr. Maercks says the most important implant he has positioned doing this procedure is a 685 cc, and whereas he doesn’t imagine there are limitations to how huge an implant can be utilized, he doesn’t have expertise utilizing bigger implants with the approach.

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